Breaking Down the Real Life and Fantasy Impact of the Amari Cooper Trade

Author: Jair Oglivie

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Whew. There was a ton of speculation of this trade possibly going down but myself and many others didn’t ever see it coming to fruition. The Cowboys are getting crushed for this move but the purpose of this article is to dive into the real life and fantasy implications of this deal from the perspective of a Cowboys fan (it’s a rough time for us right now) who is not completely losing it.

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Amari Cooper, WR, Dallas Cowboys

  • Raiders receive: 2019 First round draft pick

  • Cowboys receive: WR Amari Cooper

If you have been following this site for awhile, you might remember a past article of mine where I debated the ADPs of Stefon Diggs and Amari Cooper and ultimately concluded that Diggs was who you should want in your draft, out of the two players. That take has so far turned out to be correct, however I was still fairly confident on Cooper’s value this season which was a big whiff. If you are a part of our Facebook private chat then you might affectionately refer to the former Oakland receiver as “Amari Pooper.” Essentially, Cooper has been very disappointing from a fantasy perspective this season and last season. Let us not forget however, that Cooper is a mere 24 years old, with 2 pro bowls, 3,000+ receiving yards, and 19 touchdowns in his young career. We know he has the talent and ability to produce in this league. It is precedented. He has struggled with drops and inconsistency more recently, which i believe to be partly his fault but also partly the fault of the Raiders being a complete dumpster fire. So, what does the cowboys fan think?

If you are a part of Cowboys Nation on twitter, its rough out there. There are not many out there who are happy about this trade, mostly because of the price paid to get the Alabama product. Here is my take: We’re really going to have to wait and see on Cooper. There are pros and cons about this. Overall, I am cautiously optimistic. Here’s why, from a real life football perspective.

Dallas has needed a receiver badly. They were most likely going to draft one high this April anyway, and the early reports having the class being fairly weak in comparison to other years. Calvin Ridley, a player highly linked to dallas in this past year’s draft, is 6 months younger than the newly acquired Cooper who already has two pro bowls under his belt. Yes, he has been really bad at points and has shown a tendency to disappear at times, frustrating raider fans and fantasy owners. In my mind, this is clearly a high risk/high reward move. Giving up a first round pick hurts but I’m inclined to see how it plays out before passing any judgement. I am also aware of how incompetent the Dallas offensive playcalling is, which is one of the cons to this.

I also see lots of comparisons to the Josh Gordon trade and cowboys fans lamenting over the missed opportunity to get a #1 option for a much lower price. I believe this argument is embarrassingly short sighted. For starters, it was the Patriots who got Gordon. The Patriots. The Cowboys are not the Patriots. It is ignorant to think the Cowboys could be as smart or savvy as them with Jerry Jones still running things. Also, Gordon is one blunt away from being banned from football. Forgive me if I’ll pass on that one. Essentially, the Cowboys passed on drafting a receiver in the first round of a weak class for a young first round talent who has already proven that he can produce at the highest level. Not too bad if you ask me.

Amari is a young, proven talent in this league to help an offense that desperately needs him. It may not work, probably because of the incompetence of the offensive coaching staff, but it shows that cowboys know something needs to change. So, it’s a start. This could very well work out, and you know the cowboys are going to extend him, but Garrett and Linehan need to go regardless.

Now! Shifting gears to a fantasy perspective, it is much more murky. If you have Cooper, he may be a pretty decent sell high if you have someone who is desperate for a flex or an emotional Cowboys fan pay up for him. It is a wait until I see it kind of stash for me at this point. He may blow up, considering he arrives in Dallas ahead of a bye week giving him two weeks to learn the offense and prepare for a matchup against the Tennessee Titans. He may also succumb to the cancer that is the Cowboys passing game and bust. Both are entirely possible. As Field Yates of the Fantasy Focus podcast says, if the blowup happens, I’m going to be a week late. Any prediction of his fantasy outlook rest of season is just conjecture at this point. If you can sell high on him, I would. If not, he is an interesting stash to wait on in the coming weeks.

Closing thoughts: If you are on the fence about this and are wanting more information, check out this really great article by John Owning of the Sportsday Dallas News written before the trade became official. Also, and I know people hate Cowherd, but he really hits the nail on the head here:

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