Trust or Bust: Week 5 Lineup Decisions

Author: Sanatan Saraf

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Welcome back everyone to this weekly series of articles! I apologize for not able to write an article for week 4. I hope to help you with your lineup decisions for week 5. Let’s look at a few players for week 5, who you may be torn on whether to put in your line-up or not, and let’s decide whether you can TRUST or will they be BUST!

Jacoby Brissett at Kansas City Chiefs

Did you know that Brissett is tied with Mahomes and Lamar Jackson for throwing the most TDs through 4 games this year? And he has had multi-TD games in all 4 weeks. He has been consistent enough, granted that he has been better at home than road. His week 5 matchup is with KC on the road. KC defense has given up around 25 fantasy points to Minshew and Stafford. There is no other option for Brissett than throwing a ton to keep up with Mahomes. I would monitor the situation with Hilton though but i expect him to play this week. If you are hurting at QB or you have the likes of Baker on your team then i would throw in Jacoby this week. The verdict for Jacoby for week 5 is



Josh Jacobs vs Chicago Bears

I guess you all know by now that playing against Bears defense is a major red flag in itself. But Jacobs has looked good on tape in the limited film that we have of him. The problem is that the offense is run by an unimaginative coach and a super timid QB. Carr does not have the guts to throw down the field even if he has the numbers to show that he has looked good when he has done so. I doubt the offense is going to sustain drives against this defense. And Jacobs is not being used in the passing game even though he is an excellent pass catcher. There is a chance Jacobs can completely ruin your week, so i would rather grab someone from waiver wire and play them instead of him. The verdict for Jacobs for week 5 is


Adam Thielen at New York Giants

Thielen has not been even a WR 3 in fantasy this year. The Minnesota passing offense has been a joke this year. But squeaky wheel gets the grease. Thielen called out Cousins after last game and Cousins apologized. And they could not have asked for a better matchup to get things back on track. They are facing the Giants who are one of the worst defenses when it comes to giving fantasy points to the WR position. Their best CB Jenkins would likely cover Diggs and the rest of the secondary is just trash. I would expect Thielen to get back to being relevant and at least a WR 2 in this week. The verdict for Thielen for week 5 is


Tyler Eifert vs Arizona Cardinals

The way you can stream defenses against the Dolphins, similarly you can stream TEs against the cardinals. They have forgotten that there is a position called TE on the field who they have to defend too. Eifert is getting a home game, his QB has one of the highest number of pass attempts in the league and they just lost Ross to an injury. Everything bodes well for Eifert in this matchup. I have not been great in predicting TEs throughout the season but i hope this one is get right prediction for me too. I would start him with confidence. The verdict for Eifert for week 5 is


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