Trust or Bust: Week 2 Lineup Decisions


Author: Sanatan Saraf

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Welcome back everyone to another season of articles from FFA! As soon as Monday night is over and the weekly results are in, one voice that pops into each of our heads is “God, I am so stupid to have not put player X into my lineup instead of player Y”. And that is irrespective of whether you win or lose, because well we all are greedy. Wouldn’t it be sweet if we all could see the future? While we cannot do that, here at FFA, we do the second best thing which is to add up pieces of the puzzle and try to predict the future. This weekly series will look at a few players each week, who you may be torn on whether to put in your line-up or not. I will analyze them and suggest whether you can TRUST or they will be BUST!


Jared Goff vs New Orleans Saints

More like Jared GOOF (badum-tish!) in his first week match-up. He was awful in almost all passing categories imaginable. Super Bowl hangover anyone? Huh huh. I am not defending his play in week 1 but it does not help much if your receivers are not gaining a lot of separation either. His receivers were 26th among 32 teams in gaining separation. This week he gets a matchup against their so called rivals in the NFC. Last year when these teams met, there were fireworks and Goff had himself a day with almost 400 passing yards and 3 TDs. Also it was an away game at the superdome. Now he is at home, his weapons are healthy and with Gurley limited he may have to throw even more to keep up with those merciless saints. Not to forget, his wingman Sean McGenius is gonna cook up some plan and get his man hooked up with favorable matchups. They know that this game will be crucial to get that number 1 seed in NFC. When we add up all of these pieces, the verdict for Goff in week 2 is


Philip Lindsay vs Chicago Bears

People who started Lindsay in hopes of last year’s performance were disappointed to say the least. And that was against the Raiders who don’t have a formidable defense. From the usage it is clear that the coaching team wants to have an even split between Lindsay and Freeman. However it was encouraging to see the usage in the passing game and that should continue given that their QB is a checkdown machine. This week he faces a defense that did not allow the mighty Aaron Rodgers to do much against them. I doubt Flacco will be able to put them in a position where they can run the ball and control the clock. So the number of attempts is going to be low, forget the TD upside. If you are in full ppr league then he should still have a floor of 4-5 catches and should be able to fill in as a low end flex if you are in a pinch. Other that full ppr format, the verdict has to be a


Tyler Lockett at Pittsburgh Steelers

The offseason narrative that Lockett is going to be the number 1 target for WIlson had people licking their chops. Everyone knew that Seattle’s philosophy of running the ball is going to limit WIlson’s number of attempts, but most of us thought that the majority of those attempts would still go to Lockett. Boy, were we disappointed for 3 quarters of that game. Lockett salvaged his day by grabbing a long TD at the end of 3rd quarter. He had 1 catch on 2 targets. However, this is nothing new and has happened a few times last year. With Lockett, owners should be prepared for such type of games. However this week, they are travelling to Pittburgh to face an offense which is really good at home. Steelers are going to put up some points and Seattle has to match that production. Steelers have a very good run defense and it will be a tough sledding for Seahawks if they keep pounding the rock. So an uptick for the passing game for the Seahawks is warranted and Lockett figures to gain the most from it. On top of that, his home run capability gives him a good weekly ceiling. If you are looking for a flex play with high ceiling this week then my verdict for Lockett would be



O.J Howard at Carolina Panthers

Jameis Winston is an erratic QB to say the least. On a given day, you don’t know which version of Winston you are going to get. In week 1, we saw one of the ugliest versions of him. He was awful against a 49ers secondary which is just an average unit. This week he is facing an even tougher defense away from home. He should face a lot of pressure again. And one thing we know about him is that he likes to target the middle of the field when he is under pressure and that is where Howard makes his money. Despite an ugly performance in week 1 from Howard, what’s encouraging is that he played almost 80% of the snaps and was targeted 5 times including 1 target in the red zone. He also had a costly fumble which made his day even worse. With little to no run game and minimal targets to the RB position, the volume for him in this offense is still very secure. It’s tough to say that about most of the TEs, even though the TE landscape has improved from last year. Looking at the TE landscape and the secure volume, my verdict for OJ Howard is


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