Fluke or Truth: Week 2 Underperformers

Author: Jair Oglivie

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2 weeks come and gone already. If you are sitting at 0-2 and feeling the heat, don’t stress! Make calculated moves to improve your lineup if you feel like it’s necessary. It’s also possible you don’t need to make any changes and that you just caught a few bad breaks in the first couple weeks. Maybe some of your players under performed. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is Fluke or Truth: Underperformers Week 2. Let’s get into it.

Damien Williams, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

9 carries, 8 yards. 3 receptions, 48 yards - 8.6 points PPR

This is a tough one to write. I was, and still am, a big believer in Williams. The signing of LeSean McCoy and a disappointing performance in Week 2 will likely leave lots of owners sour on Damien and I can’t blame them. The injury is only a knee contusion, so at least there is that. At the time of writing this it does not seem like he will miss time, however that is something to be monitored when reports come out on Wednesday. Health assumed, I still believe that Damien is a worthy rb2 or flex play in all formats, but especially in PPR. He is the back in this offense who will receive the vast majority of targets and he gets enough carries to be viable on the ground (13 in week 1, 9 in week 2). Ten carries and 5-6 targets per game in the offense Kansas City has is a very appealing prospect and is worth a weekly start. He may not return value as an RB1 as some of us predicted but he is still going to help you. The week 2 performance is a fluke considering his exit due to injury; look at his week 1 numbers as a more reliable benchmark for expectations moving forward. (The efficiency numbers also should open up, the offense is too good at getting players good looks).


Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints

13 carries, 45 yards. 1 reception, 15 yards - 7 points PPR

In what was a very promising matchup for pretty much every fantasy name involved in this game, it didn’t turn out quite like the game we hoped for. We were hoping for another round of last year’s regular season matchup of Saints v Rams, but with Drew Brees exiting the game early due to a thumb injury, we were left disappointed. Kamara’s production was clearly affected by Brees’ absence and it’s reasonable to question if Kamara’s season long value takes a hit due to his Hall of Fame Quarterback likely out 6 weeks. You don’t really have much choice but to keep rolling Kamara out there considering the draft capital it took to get him. It’s fair to say that with Bridgewater starting that Kamara may face more stacked boxes than usual but remember that this is a Sean Payton offense. A week to prepare with Bridgewater at the helm is all he needs. Take a look back at an old article I wrote about runningback value. I said that a large part of runningback production can be attributed to the quality of the scheme they are a part of. Sean Payton is a brilliant offensive mind more than capable of getting his playmakers into positive situations. Kamara may take a slight hit going forward but make no mistake he is an elite option moving forward just like before.


Deandre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans

5 receptions, 40 yards - 9 points PPR

Hopkins said earlier in the week that Jalen Ramsey was his favorite corner to face and that Ramsey shadows him consistently unlike most defenders. Well Ramsey certainly shadowed him and caused a pedestrian day for the great one we call Nuk. The good news: Hopkins doesn’t have to face Ramsey every week. The better news: Hopkins faces the Chargers this week. Here are the lines the Chargers allowed to #1 receivers (T.Y. Hilton, Kenny Golladay) through the first two weeks of this season: W1- 8/87/2. W2- 8/117/1. Nuk is in line to feast this Sunday, and I, for one, can’t wait to watch.


Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

16 carries, 37 yards. 2 catches, 16 yards - 7.3 points PPR

Come on, don’t be stupid.


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