Fluke or Truth: Week 3 Underperformers

Author: Jair Oglivie

Twitter: @JairOglivieFFA

All hail Danny Dimes am i right? Welcome to Week 3 of the fluke or truth series! I hope you listened to my advice in the Week 1 piece about keeping the faith in Mike Evans. If you did, boy were you rewarded. Don’t worry though, I won’t toot my own horn too much. This week had a bunch of high scorers leaving the pool to pick from pretty thin but, never fear, there’s always someone not doing as well as we thought they would. Another week of under-performers has us all here, let’s keep it moving.

Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams

14 carries, 43 yards. 4.3 points PPR

We were worried about Gurley’s production coming into this season due to the arthritis issue. Through three games he has only averaged about 15 touches per game (per pro football reference) which is pretty disappointing for owners spending a late first/early second round pick on him. Even with a dearth of touches, Gurley managed to return passable numbers through two weeks, however with a dud on primetime in Week 3, hope in him is starting to dull. If the touches don’t increase, which there isn’t much to suggest they will, Gurley’s value will drop significantly. Our fears coming to this season are coming to fruition, and I’m scared that the once “best player in fantasy” will fall off the map. It’s sad to see. McVay says that they hope to get his carries up to a 25 per game average but I’m skeptical of that until I see it happening. Your move, Sean.


Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers

4 receptions, 56 yards. 9.6 points PPR

One of the most consistent producers and touchdown scorers in fantasy football, Davante Adams, has been held out of the endzone for 3 consecutive weeks now to start the season. After receiving 8 and 9 targets in the first two weeks, and the leaky Eagles secondary coming up, I’m confident Adams will find the endzone against Philadelphia on Thursday night and return to his status as a star studded WR1. The Packers offense will wake up and make you glad that you kept the faith.


Josh Jacobs, RB, Oakland Raiders

10 carries, 44 yards. 4.4 points

After an effective first two weeks, Jacobs laid an egg on Sunday against the Vikings. This isn’t surprising considering how fast they fell behind by multiple scores, essentially eliminating Jacobs from the gamescript. His lack of involvement in the passing game (3 targets this season) leaves alot to be desired in PPR leagues but as long as the Raiders are still in a game, they will keep him involved. Indy and Chicago are on the horizon, two teams that could potentially blow out the Raiders if they aren’t careful. For now you likely have to keep starting Jacobs considering the draft capital you spent on him but the Raiders are a bad team who likely will be behind a ton. Try to predict those games and start him accordingly.


Short and sweet and on to next week! As always, thanks so much for reading, and be sure to check out our other weekly content, including the sister series to this one: Fluke or Truth: Overperformers by Matt (@MattGiffordFFA). Bye for now, and keep the faith in your stars!

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