Lessons Learned: Week 3 of 2019

Author: Dylan Thomas

Twitter: @dkthom2018

Week 3 of the NFL has concluded! Let’s react to what happened!

1) Mike Evans is the WR1 in TB

Mike Evans baby! With a stat line of over 180 yards and 3 TDs, he really has bounced back after all. Jameis should be better for fantasy and I am excited to see him use both Godwin and Evans this year. Mike Evans is the model of consistency and 2 games shouldn’t change that.

2) Stream Defenses VS the Dolphins

The Dolphins are tanking like it’s a Madden rebuild. The offense is putrid and the defense is about the same. This was already obvious by preseason but with a 3 game sample size, the Dolphins are great at sucking. So stream the defense of the team that faces them…


3) Targets over Everything

Keenan Allen is on an insane pace and Darren Waller just balled out. Both have massive target shares in their offenses. They are #1 and #2 in the NFL in targets right now. Chase the volume potential of players in redraft leagues. Volume is more important than efficiency. It leads to safety and upside. In dynasty leagues, efficiency may be more important but we want immediate production in our seasonal leagues and volume is the key to production.

4) These Rookie Wide Receivers are looking GREAT still

Hollywood Brown has cooled off but McLaurin balled out on MNF! Metcalf looks solid, Samuel had a nice game. Campbell may shine with the Colts out. McLaurin is currently dealing with a hamstring problem but he looks insane. If he plays, he will be hard to bench versus the Giants. Chase potential massive target shares late in draft if you want a chance at the next “Scary Terry.”


5) Maybe handcuffs are good?

I don’t like handcuffs. I still don’t. I can see myself handcuffing other backups that I don’t own — but never my own. However, people who handcuffed Saquon Barkley in deeper leagues are smiling right now. I still will never do it, but the safety of a handcuff makes the early selections of running backs less risky. They are always going to be risky due to a heightened injury risk due to their position. Handcuffs take up a roster spot, but help secure your stud.

That’s all for Week 3! I’m going to keep these very brief and to the point. Remember to follow me on Twitter (@dkthom2018). Feel free to DM any questions you have at all! I’ll gladly answer every and all questions. Thank you for checking out this article! Good luck in Week 4 everybody and stay tuned for more awesome content!

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Dylan Thomas