Trust Or Bust?


Author: Dylan Thomas

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Welcome to a new article called “Trust or Bust?” Here, I will attempt to warning you about fantasy studs that could produce duds for your team. It will be hard to bench some of these players but at the very least I will try to temper your expectations for them. The article will be brief but will detail why I think these players could disappoint through a hot take.


Odell Beckham Jr VS. The Jacksonville Jaguars


Odell may be the richest WR now with his huge new contract, but that doesn’t mean he will ball out right away. Especially since All Pro Cornerbacks A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey get to cover him in the Giants; first game of the season. I mean after all they did allow the least amount of fantasy points to the wide receiver position last year. Odell has been consistently a top wideout since he first touched an NFL football field. He was on pace for a great year before his injury.

However, he hasn’t played football in a long time and he hasn’t played in the preseason. Facing Jacksonville right out of the bat may lead for a disappointing first week. This is a very unfavorable matchup. The Jags had the second most sacks last year giving an old Eli very little time to hold the football for a passing play. They even allowed the least amount of passing yards. OBJ will almost be covered by the two stud corners throughout the entire match.

The Giants now have great weapons such as Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Saquon Barkley. There is only so much room for OBJ to get his share of the targets, especially when being shadowed by two elite defensive backs. Barkley and Engram are most likely going to be used as mismatches against this defense. That could leave Odell with a slim workload and not much opportunity to produce for your fantasy team. A plethora of questions surrounding a guy we haven’t seen in ages. I love drafting Beckham this year but we can all agree he may do very poorly in this matchup. It is hard to bench OBJ but you should temper your expectations for the young phenom.


Alfred Morris VS The Minnesota Vikings


This matchup is a recipe for disaster. The Vikings bolstered their defensive line with the addition of Sheldon Richardson and have a new (actually good) quarterback, *cough* Kirk Cousins, that loves to sling the ball. They also have a deadly duo of Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray. This high-powered offense may force San Francisco to pass a lot more as they may be playing from behind. This is a sinister away game that I think Morris may struggle in.

If you are deep at running back, please think about starting somebody else. Do not get too hyped on him right now. It is a little hard to sit Morris but it’s harder to lose to your best friend who drafted drunk and is beating you by 50 points.

No matter who is starting my point still stands. Brieda will also be featured on passing downs but will not be used much on the ground. The game script will not be in great for Alfred Morris. He has done very well in the Shanahan system but he is much older and is less talented at the moment than McKinnon was. He had great production with Kyle Shanahan in Washington but he’s a different guy now, even though he did pretty well for the Dallas Cowboys last season. It will take the offense a bit to use him correctly as the system was expected to use McKinnon and his elite athleticism. A tough matchup for Morris may leave to a very disappointing week one. Being reasonable, Morris may struggle out of the gate here against the Vikings.


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**Images from Logo Maker, Pro Football Focus

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