Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I signed up for the DraftKings deal but how do I gain access?


After using the following promotional link, signing up for a new DraftKings account, and depositing $10, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your login credentials to our site.

We receive new member information from DraftKings once a day, so please be patient. However, if you still have not been emailed back yet, use our contact form.

Q. Where do I become a member if I am not eligible for the DraftKings deal or do not want to use it?


We offer a separate package that you can pay through PayPal or Stripe (credit card).

Click on the “Log In” tab and then click “Not a member? Sign up.” Here is the link to that page as well.

Q. When confirming my PayPal payment, it says the bill is reoccurring? Is that true?


No, the bill is not reoccurring. In fact, we will be cancelling all future payments well before the next billing cycle.

All packages are a one-time payment with access given to the end of the current fantasy season (April). This excludes the private Facebook group chat, which you will be a member of forever.