Trade Targets for Week 7

Author:  Marc Schwartz (@fantasyfballOG)

Is Your Team Bad?

With six weeks behind us, it’s time to take a good honest look at your teams and decide which ones have no chance as currently constructed.  And don’t let your record decide that for you.  If your team has over performed, or gotten lucky with match-ups, don’t let that stop you from making necessary changes to your team for the stretch run. 

If you’ve identified a team or two that you can safely say has no chance without a major move, there is no reason why you wouldn’t swing for the fences.  So this week I will go over 3 players who have a sky high ceiling, and can be had for an affordable price. 

Le'Veon Bell – The news has swung extremely negative on Bell as of late, to the point where I’d argue that Conner might even have more perceived value heading into the bye week.  Nobody truly knows what you’re going to get out of Bell.  But we know one thing for sure – there’s a reasonable path where Bell produces like a league winner for your team starting in a couple of weeks.  If your team is bad, why wouldn’t you take the risk on a guy with that kind of ceiling?

There is still a chance that it just never happens for Bell this year.  But if he’s ever out there, I don’t buy that Conner holds onto a large chunk of the workload.  Conner has been good enough secure some change of pace duties, but the Steelers need wins, and aren’t really good enough not to play one of the premier weapons in the game.  If Bell plays, he’ll come in fresh and motivated; and in case you forgot, he’s better than Conner. 

david johnson.jpg

David Johnson -  The hate on DJ has reached a fever pitch, with even the occasional use of the word “Bust” being thrown around.  He was drafted 4th overall, and he’s producing low end RB-1 stats; that’s slightly disappointing, but certainly not a bust.  There is still a decent amount of casuals who think he doesn’t look right coming off of that leg injury last year – which is interesting since the wrist is not actually located on the leg.  

I’ve even seen experts I respect knock him for being so “touchdown dependent,” being lucky enough to have 6 in 6 games.  Did DJ not show a knack for getting in the end zone when he had 20 touchdowns in his last full season? 

The Cardinals are bad, and defenses are certainly focusing on DJ, which has hurt his yardage numbers considerably.  I think we have to cut him just a bit of slack for coming into the season rusty after a lost year.  But DJ should be the beneficiary of garbage time yards and touchdowns in plenty of games.  He’s also still seeing a full workload, which can’t be overlooked.  I think better days are ahead for DJ, and things don’t have to improve all that much for him to be an elite starter anyhow.

DJ has had a rough schedule thus far, but things really start to open up, with some cherry match-ups scattered around the rest of his schedule.  He has a chance to get rolling, and the decent floor makes him a no-brainer pickup for teams in need of a shake-up.

Rob Gronkowski -  Gronk is having his most disappointing season, and the fantasy community is taking notice, with him frequently being left out of the top 3 in the upcoming week’s rankings.  That would have been unthinkable for Gronk over the course of years.  Oddly enough, it took this last game for the perspective change to really set in, despite going for a respectable 97 yards.

Maybe Gronk is slowing down.  Maybe it’s a bad sign that he didn’t do anything when they were really in a pinch for receivers, since Gordon and Edelman only add to the target competition now.  Maybe something with him and Brady is a little off.  This is what people are talking about, and it’s priced into his value at the moment. 

However, if your team is bad, I think it makes all the sense in the world to buy into a Gronk-Smash stretch run.  I think there is some merit in thinking that Gordon and Edelman actually help Gronk.  I don’t think Brady and Gronk could ever be “off” for more than a handful of games.  And he’s still really big and really good.  A Gronk explosion could give you a huge advantage at the tight end position every week from now until the end of the season.  If your team is bad, roll the dice on a guy who wins weeks. 



Trade Bait

Alex Collins – Collins hit pay dirt twice against the Titans in an easy win for the Ravens.   He saw a heavier snap count while the game was still in reach than he had in weeks.  And since the Titans run defense is actually decent, there’s been some talk about Collins “Coming On.”

But the game script couldn’t possibly have been better for Collins, who we know is the grinder for the Ravens. Shutouts are about as good a script as a grinder like Collins could ask for.  The two TD’s were nice, but he only averaged 2.8 ypc in the game.  And that leads me to restate some things about Collins I discussed in the preseason, namely that he does not have the greatest set of tools to work with.   His cutting ability is well below average, as is his long speed.  He explodes well through holes, and he pushes piles, but that’s just not a dynamic enough skill-set in today’s NFL to keep a change-of-pace player like Buck Allen off the field for long.


Marc Schwartz