Trade Targets for Week 8

Author:  Marc Schwartz (@fantasyfballOG)


Tyler Boyd – Boyd had been a high end WR-2 heading into week 7, but his hot streak ended abruptly against the Chiefs, going for just 27 yards on 3 receptions. I’m buying this being a great opportunity to pick Boyd up at a sharp discount. 

Boyd benefits from a great situation, being the only real pass catching threat the Bengals have other than future HOFer, AJ Green.  With Green drawing the top corners, there was always a good opportunity for another WR to get favorable match-ups, but Boyd is the first player in years to actually take advantage of that opportunity.  And with the Bengals in desperate need of points thanks to their leaky D, targets aren’t too hard to come by.

The most important thing to know about Boyd is that he is a very sure handed receiver.   He has good body control as well, so he is exactly what the Bengals always needed to compliment AJ Green with.  Boyd had a stinker against the Chiefs because the coaches decided to change things in that game.  Boyd had been getting plenty of slot work, but they used Green in that role more in week 7, in an effort to chase points against the best offense in the league.  It…Did…Not…Work, as the Bengals were really the only offense to struggle against the Chiefs, getting just 10 points.  The Bengals passing offense had been the team’s strength before the “tinkering,” so I’d expect things to go back to normal for week 8 and beyond, meaning Boyd should continue to pay off as a solid WR-2, who can be had for a WR-3 price tag.

Doug Baldwin – Remember when Doug Baldwin was going in the early 3rd round of fantasy draft season?  That of course ended with Baldwin’s preseason injury.   But almost half way into the season now, is there any reason not to value Doug Baldwin in the same way we did prior to the injury?  I don’t think there is, yet we know his perceived value is far lower.

Coming off of a season-high 8 targets against the Raiders, followed with last week’s bye, Baldwin is right where he needs to be.   He looked crisp and sharp in week 6, and the bye week should have given him yet another chance to move on from the injury.  Russell Wilson has always been a top notch 2nd half of the season QB, which bodes well for his top target, Baldwin.  After a fluky one catch performance a few weeks ago, and a bye week in between, casual team owners are far from loyal to Doug.  Value him as a rock solid WR-2 with touchdown upside.  

OJ Howard – Howard isn’t coming off of a down game, but his 5 receptions for 67 yards were quiet enough to open some sort of trading opportunity.  He actually had 9 targets in that game, so the 67 scoreless yards were about his floor for that type of target share.  Howard hasn’t had a game with less than 54 yards all season, and has made some spectacular catches.  It’s a crowded group of pass catchers on the Bucs, but Howard’s weekly role remains very safe and consistent. 

This is all about perspective.  Howard is now seen as a top 10 option at TE, but with Winston chucking the ball as often as he is; Howard is talented enough to be a top 5 guy at the position.  He’s a near lock to finish strong, and could be just what you need to put your team over the edge.

Marc Schwartz