Trade Targets for Week 5

Author:  Marc Schwartz (@fantasyfballOG)

Dumpster Diving


Emmanuel Sanders – We’re not diving too deep into the dumpster for Sanders, who is currently the 19th best WR in PPR.  But after a couple of slower games, I’ve seen the WR-3 tag being thrown at Sanders, which would make him an easy buy.  People see that the Broncos passing game is struggling, while their running game is really starting to come together.  They know there’s some competition for targets, and they see Sanders checking in at less than 50 yards receiving in back to back games.  So I do think Sanders can be tossed into a deal on the cheap.

We’re buying Sanders because he’s ridiculously efficient and polished.  Sanders has 24 receptions on just 30 targets this season.  He’s on pace for 1,468 total yards, 8 touchdowns, and 96 receptions.  This all came while the Denver passing offense is “struggling.”  View Sanders as a safe and steady WR-2, with upside for the occasional blowup game, and get him now while you can.

Jameis Winston -  Winston’s price tag should be quite low, and he could very well be on your waiver wire.  But if he’s owned, and happens to be on a team you are looking to trade other assets to, try to get Winston as a throw-in.  Winston doesn’t feel “right” to the average person, after being suspended, having perceived job security issues, with a bye this week, and throwing two interceptions in his first game back.  So you should be able to practically steal him.

The upside for Winston is top 5 QB material.  We saw some of the gaudy numbers Fitzpatrick put up with the extremely talented group of pass catchers.  And yet, coaches made it clear that Fitzpatrick was on the shortest of leashes, despite putting up record level production through three weeks.  This shows the type of confidence they have in Winston.  Winston’s two interceptions against the Bears might throw people off, but he completed 16 of 18 on the rest of his attempts.  He lit it up in the preseason and is poised to break out in a big way.


Street Hustle


John Brown – People just don’t seem to believe in John Brown.  He’s starting in less than 1/3 of leagues, and the most popular fantasy sports blurb site just called him a “ boom/bust WR-3.”  He’s coming off a big week, having logged 116 yards and a touchdown against the Steelers.   So let the team owner with him think they’re selling high to you.

Brown is in a fantastic spot.  He’s in the Torrey Smith role for Flacco, which was always productive.  Only he’s a better player than Torrey Smith ever was.  Brown is the 21st best WR in PPR thus far, and he’s been very consistent, having a good box score in all 4 games.  How that qualifies as boom/bust I’ll never know.  John Brown should be viewed as a run of the mill WR-2, and you should be able to pick him up for a WR-3 price tag.


Trade Bait

Trey Burton –  Burton had a good box score on Sunday, with 81 yards receiving and a touchdown.  After a slow start, he’s now the 8th best Tight End in PPR.  In a year where the tight end position is falling apart, Burton has real trade value at the moment, and I think it’s worth selling high on him, especially if you have another playable option at the position.

The problem with Burton is that he’s just not as heavily involved in the offense as we thought he would be.  In his best game of the year on Sunday, he only had two receptions.   Long touchdowns won’t come often to salvage the scarce usage he’s seeing.  And despite the fluke Trubisky blow-up game, we don’t have much of a reason to trust this passing offense.   Cohen is going to be on the field more often, and he seems to be the short route option of choice.  Burton’s usage and team limitations paint the picture of bottom end TE-1, but you can easily get mid TE-1 value for him right now.

Marc Schwartz