Trade Targets for Week 11

Author:  Marc Schwartz (@fantasyfballOG)

Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon.jpg

IF you’re looking for one last big splash before your trade deadline, you might want to give Mixon some thought.  He’s coming off of a down game, and people are losing faith in the Bengals offense. He’s at Baltimore this week, which is a match-up his team owners might want to avoid.  But it doesn’t get a lot better than home vs Oakland and at Cleveland in weeks 15 and 16.  Mixon should be one of the more productive players at his position in those pivotal weeks.

We should also give Mixon the credit he’s due – he’s played at a borderline elite level this season, showing fantastic balance, agility, and breakaway speed.  He’s a Le'Veon Bell clone, and the best is yet to come for him.  He won’t come cheap by any means, but if you’re paying anything less than 1st round pick value, you’re doing well.  I think Mixon is a borderline top 10 asset the rest of the way, and I think he can be had for about the #20 overall value. 


Tarik Cohen

It’s all about schedule and value now, and I like Tarik’s outlook in those categories a lot the rest of the way.  Cohen had been getting a high usage, and was red hot before Jordan Howard started taking a bigger piece of the pie three weeks ago against the Jets.  In that game Howard out-touched Cohen 20 to 6, but as is usually the case, Cohen made the most of his touches and saved his fantasy day with a 70 yard touchdown reception.   It got worse the next week against Buffalo, and Tarik was all but useless in that one.  Those were easy wins for Chicago though, and I think that tells us all we need to know.

Last week his usage was up in a closer game against the Lions, but it just didn’t happen for him.  And so after a couple of weeks with questionable usage, and a box score bust, I think you can get Cohen for premium flex value.  That would be a bargain, because the schedule indicates that Cohen is more like a premium RB2 the rest of the way.   The Bears host the Vikings this week and go to Detroit next week.  Those both feel more like Tarik games than Howard games to me.  Week 13 isn’t a great one for him at the Giants, but Cohen’s week 14-16 fantasy playoff schedule is:  home against the Rams, home against the Packers, and at San Francisco.  These all feel like they will have much more favorable game scripts than for him than the last few games were. 


Trade Bait

Dalvin Cook


This one might come as a surprise, as the arrow is pointing sharply up for Cook throughout the Fantasy World.  But I think if we’re all being honest with ourselves, it makes sense to sell high on that sentiment.

The popular assumption is that things are on the up and up for Cook, who just had a bye week to cement his “healthy status,” following a perceived breakout performance in week 9.  And by now you’ve probably heard that Cook had a run in that week 9 game where he reached the fastest speed any running back has reached all year.    If that’s not enough, Cook is home vs. Miami and at Detroit in weeks 15 and 16, making him a playoff match-ups darling for those on the prowl. 

Rested and fully healthy, season record breaking speed in his last game, great playoff match-ups – sounds good!   Because for the first time all year, you may actually get something decent for the guy, and I really think you should. 

In that “breakout game,” before the bye, Cook had most of his yards on the one big 70 yard play where he flashed his elite speed.  He had a monster hole to burst through against a soft Detroit defense, and he exploited it.   But he was tackled immediately on most of his other touches.  Going back to his scouting report, that’s who he is.  He won’t push any piles and his vision isn’t anything special.  He’s as dangerous as anyone in wide open space, but such opportunities are rare and unpredictable.  Oh and of course Latavius Murray is the running back who had the touchdown in Cook’s “breakout game.”

While Cook has excellent week 15 and 16 match-ups, his schedule before that is a bit rough, and he has a brutal match-up this week at Chicago.  I’m worried that his stock will go way down after a likely mediocre box score in that one.  And oh by the way, he has yet to prove that he can stay healthy for more than just a couple of games in a row.  He may never have more value than he does right now, so I would see if you can get something meaty for him.  Just make sure that the team owner you’re trading with has his playoff match-ups priced into his value.

Marc Schwartz