Trade Targets for Week 10

Author:  Marc Schwartz (@fantasyfballOG)

At this stage of the season, it’s important to figure out where your team stands.  Are you a near-lock for the playoffs?  Or are you going to have to win most of your remaining games to get in? 

Most people know to start targeting players with great playoff match-ups.  And savvy owners headed for the playoffs are willing to lose a bit of value in a trade, so long as it gives them premier playoff match-ups.  But if you’re fighting for a playoff spot, you might have to do the opposite – trade players of yours with great playoff match-ups for higher regular season value players.  After all, it’s better to make it and have a shot at pulling a couple of upsets, than not to make it at all.  

Having said that, remaining schedules and playoff schedules will be a relatively consistent point touched on from here on out. 

Here are this week’s gems.


Phillip Lindsay


The way the Denver backfield has played out this season has been a shocker. Lindsay was undrafted in real life and fantasy this year, and was seen as a distant 3rd in the pecking order.  He took control of the backfield in week 1, and his grip is only getting stronger.  But this week represents your only real opportunity to get Lindsay at a bargain, coming off of a pedestrian box score from last week, and useless this week on a bye.  Take advantage of team owners who think Lindsay’s production and usage is only a short lived result of Freeman missing time, when he was always in front of Freeman anyhow.   Why would missing action with an injury earn Freeman more touches? 

Lindsay only had 10 PPR points against Houston, but the Texans are solid against the run, so we saw an absolute floor on Linsday’s weekly output there.  He has 15 or more touches in 3 straight, serving as a prime Danny Woodhead type.  Averaging 5.4 yards per carry with a decent enough sample size (110 carries) tells us all we really need to know.  He’s very slippery and efficient, and he gets plenty of work in the passing game.  He’s a sure-fire RB-2 the rest of the way, and the best part is, the schedule gets very friendly.   You can’t ask for much better than a week 14-16 slate of:  @SF, vs.Cle, and @Oak.


Julian Edelman

We’ve seen enough now to know that Edelman is back, and I think it’s safe to assume that the best is yet t come.  He’s been very solid since coming back with the following PPR scores:  12, 15, 14, 20 15.    And so you’re not going to get him cheap.  But Edelman hasn’t gone off in any games yet, and some team owners may predict a decline in production once Gronkowski comes back, and with Josh Gordon building chemistry with Brady.    They’d be doing so at their own peril.

Edelman is  7th in targets and receptions since he’s come back.  In PPR he’s been flirting with WR-1 status, yet is probably seen as more of a back end WR-2.  The Patriots have a tremendous schedule including games: at Miami, at Pittsburgh, vs. Buffalo, and vs. the Jets.  There were a lot of questions about Edelman’s prospects this year coming off a major injury.  He’s easily been good enough, but we should see sharper and harder cuts with each successive game.  Meanwhile, this Patriots offense might be more “dink and dunk-y” than any we’ve seen before, and that really says something.  Brady doesn’t appear to have the deep ball anymore, and it doesn’t even matter, because the Patriots are still locked-in Super Bowl Contenders.  The ball always moves down the field with Brady at the helm, and it’s Edelman who he can count on most.

Ezekiel Elliot

People are really starting to push the panic button on Zeke, and I’ve seen his name come up most in trade proposals early this week.  You could look at 3 of his last 4 performances and say they were underwhelming for a high end RB-1.   And with the Cowboys falling apart, in front of a tough match-up against Philly, the stage is set to pry him from someone at a low end-RB-1 cost.  And that is a cost that you should be very willing to pay, with Zeke’s usage as stable as can be, and with a great late schedule that includes games:  at Indianapolis, vs. Tampa Bay, and at the Giants.

Acquiring Zeke on a semi-bargain could be a league winning move. 


Marquez Valdes-Scantling


I understand that MVS is available on waivers in some leagues, but that shouldn’t have been the case in any league with regular FFers. We could really see this situation bubbling up.  Rodgers is as good as ever.  Adams is very good and is the focal point of all defenses they face. Cobb isn’t suited for a heavy role.  Allison’s injuries were significant.  And all MVS has done is give solid WR-2 performances for a month.  I hope you have him already.  But if you don’t you might be able to get an owner to add him as a throw-in piece to get a deal done. 

Now that we know Allison is done for the rest of the fantasy season, MVS’s opportunity is set in stone.  He’s going to line up opposite Adams, face soft enough coverage, and get a healthy amount of targets from one Mr. Aaron Rodgers.  Is anyone looking for this year’s JuJu?  


Marc Schwartz