Week 13 Underperformers: Fluke or Truth

Author: Jair Oglivie

Twitter: @Jar_Of_Olives

Welcome to the final 2018 edition of Fluke or Truth! If you are still playing this week, congratulations on making the fantasy playoffs! Everything is much more stressful now but it is important to stick the players that got you to where you are. Don’t try to get cute and cost yourself glory. Lets get this started.

New Orleans Saints Offense

  • Drew Brees - 7.2 points

  • Alvin Kamara - 15.2 points

  • Mark Ingram - 4.8 points

  • Michael Thomas - 9 points

What a showing by the Dallas defense. This game was stunning to see as a fan (pretty great as a Cowboys fan though) and it really legitimized the Cowboys defense as for real. I don’t imagine any fantasy player that has been starting any Saints weekly is worried long term about them but this was tough timing if you needed them to blow up to secure a playoff spot. You’re not sitting any of these players ahead of a tasty matchup against Tampa Bay. These players are likely to be hungry to prove themselves and try to wrap up the NFC South on Sunday. Roll with your Saints as you have all year.

Week 14 - @ Tampa Bay

Week 15 - @ Carolina

Week 16 - vs Pittsburgh


Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

  • Line - 12 carries, 82 yards. 2 catches 12 yards. 11.5 points (PPR)

This is a tough one. AJ Green done for the year. Andy Dalton done for the year. With Jeff Driskel as the starting quarterback and a bad defense. Outlooks don’t look great for Mixon to put up big numbers during your playoff run. However, you probably don’t have two running backs better than him so you might have to ride it out and hope his ridiculous efficiency carries on and that he falls into the endzone a few times. The Bengals will be down in the rest of their games so Mixon might not be your best bet.

Week 14 - @ LA Chargers

Week 15 - vs Oakland

Week 16 - @ Cleveland


Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

  • Line - 300 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 4 interceptions. 33 rushing yards. 15.3 points


The interceptions obviously killed Cam’s fantasy output and it was pretty shocking given that the Buccaneers were among the worst pass defenses in football coming into Week 13. However, you can’t sit Cam. If you have him then he is without a doubt your best at the position and he will have to put this team on his back if they are to win any of their games coming up against the Saints and Falcons (both at home). I believe Cam will bounce back.

Week 14 - @ Cleveland

Week 15 - vs New Orleans

Week 16 - vs Atlanta


Thanks for reading! I’ll be back next season, so until then, be smart, don’t panic, and win your championship!

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*All Statistics taken from ESPN Fantasy

Jair Oglivie