Premium Rankings & Joining Chat

New Members: Email with your name once you have requested access to the private chat.

** For those concerned that the payment said "reoccurring", it's not. That's just the easiest way for us to set it up. We will be canceling all of the future payments well before the next billing cycle.

Premium Rankings Download

The downloadable excel spreadsheet is a version last updated 9/2

For Those Who Play in Half PPR Leagues. Use The PPR Rankings. Those Are Nearly Identical To Half PRR Rankings

For real-time changes ensuring that you are up-to-date, visit our online folder that you were invited to and download from there. However, we highly recommend you to sync Dropbox to your computer. This way the file saved to your computer is always the most updated version, even as we are editing it.

Also, make sure to view all of the tabs. There are some strategy tips inside the target tabs.

Nikhil Gupta