Week 3 Underperformers: Fluke or Truth

Author: Jair Oglivie

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I find it’s hard to predict these games this year. I mean…Buffalo who are you?

Welcome back to the Fluke or Truth series! If this is your first time here I’m glad you came and I hope you enjoy! This is a weekly series where I will take a few big names in fantasy that seem to be underperforming relative to their expectations and explore whether this is something to be expected from them from now on or if it was merely an anomaly. Let’s hop in, and I think you know where I’m starting.

Minnesota Vikings Offense

  • Kirk Cousins - 296 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 2 fumbles lost. 9.2 points

  • Stefon Diggs - 4 catches, 17 yards. 5.7 points (ppr)

  • Minnesota D/St - 27 points allowed, 1 fumble forced. 6 points

Alright, what the heck happened here? The Vikings were 17.5 point favorites AT HOME in this game and got completely dominated by Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. No one saw that coming. The Bills held Kirk Cousins and the Vikings offense in check for the entire afternoon, although Thielen did record a very good day (14 catches, 105 yards).

While I’m sure none of us are giving up on the vikings stars yet, this was a concerning performance with the rams ahead on Thursday Night Football. For the rams, they will be without both starting cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. This is a welcome sight for Kirk Cousins and company as they look to bounce back against arguably the best team in the NFL. I do think our beloved Cousins and Diggs will be back to their normal selves this week on primetime leaving this as a 1 week dud that most good teams experience at least once.

This was scary but I’ll call it a fluke.


Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

  • Line: 3 catches, 44 yards. 1 fumble lost. 5.4 points (ppr)

Tough to see a star like Allen struggle as much as he did but to be honest it was to be expected. He faced the rams with that vaunted secondary and even with both corners going down during the game, it was clear that Rams were determined to take Allen away from the game. Of course, this led to a breakout from former first round pick Mike Williams. Don’t fret Allen owners, I highly doubt Allen has a down year. Next up, he faces a 49ers defense that has proven to be just plain bad. This is a short discussion, Keenan does not need to be worried over and certainly should remain to be started. If you have a league mate who is concerned then attempt to buy low and I promise you will be satisfied.

Nothing to worry about here, carry on.


Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals

  • Line: 2 catches, 9 yards. 2.9 points (ppr)


I can say for sure Fitz lost one of my leaguemates a win this week, and I’m sure he’s not alone. The Sam Bradford experiment appears to be over and as I’ve been preaching, CHOSEN ROSEN IS HERE.

If you can’t tell, I like Rosen a lot. It remains to be seen if Rosen is the answer in the desert since he has yet to make his first career start but all signs seem to pointing to this Sunday being that day. If Rosen comes in and succeeds, then that will mean good things for our boys Fitz and DJ. That is a big if however, since the Arizona coaching staff doesn’t seem know they have a top receiver and runningback on their roster, and if they do, then they don’t know how to use them. There is hope however, because rookie QBs will lean on their proven weapons and Rosen certainly has those. I think there are better days ahead for Fitz and this offense with Chosen Rosen at the helm, I just want to see it first before I go all in.

For now, the way this offense has performed has me determine that this is the current truth for who they are. Rosen could change all of that, but for now, until we see otherwise, I have to say Truth for the future HOF.


Thanks for reading! The next edition of this series will be back next week. Until then, be smart, don’t panic, and hit that waiver wire.

See ya next week!

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*All Statistics taken from ESPN Fantasy

Jair Oglivie