Joining Chat

New Members: Email with your name once you have requested access to the private chat.

** For those concerned that the payment said "reoccurring", it's not. That's just the easiest way for us to set it up. We will be canceling all of the future payments well before the next billing cycle.

Risk Notes/Ratings

We’re restructuring how we display the premium rankings this season. Instead of having a separate excel sheet, the rankings, players to target/avoid, and player notes can now all be found in the 2019 Rankings tab. If you want to download that to excel then you can do that with the download button. This should make viewing the rankings a lot easier, and can now be done on your phone as well!

The Player Projections are always being updated and can be found by clicking here or the tab above!

This page will have the player Risk Notes/Ratings. We recommend that you read through these before you draft instead of going back and forth. The notes section of the rankings will touch on risk as well, so it’s not a big deal if you forget something. This section will be released by July 1st at the latest.