Premium Rankings

This is our blood, sweat and tiers (that pun was not intended but I'm keeping it). We put hours and hours into these rankings. These alone will give you ample firepower to have a successful draft. The free rankings are fine. But they don't tell the entire story. There are so many factors that go into a players ranking that just seeing someone has a higher ranking doesn't give you enough information to make a smart decision. 


However if you watch no videos, read none of the articles, and have zero engagement in the private chat, then you can still have a great draft with the premium rankings.

tiers 2.PNG


To start the players are broken up into tiers. This concept is talked about in a number of our videos but essentially it's the best way to draft. A top 250 is the worst idea in the history of fantasy sports. It tells you nothing and is arbitrarily constructed with no regard to strategy and value. Tiered positional rankings allow you to see where talent drop-offs occur and where value can be found compared to ADP.



Next to this rankings is a complete write-up of every single player. This means that you will have a summary of on each of the top 65 WR's, top 65 RB's, top 20 TE's and top 20 QB's. The write-up contains everything we deemed important to know before drafting each player. It goes over topics like how they preformed last season, what has changed for this season and trends people in similar situation have displayed over the past 16 seasons. It will ensure you know everything you need to about that player before you draft them.

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The next column is probably the most important. Yes it's important to know who you are drafting, but many of you know a lot of this information already. What the next column does is put each player into a risk tier. Each player's risk is determined by three categories. Injury risk, Replacement risk, and Opportunity reduction risk. Julio Jones is monster...but this section tells you how much risk you are assuming with that first round pick. The idea of this aspect is two fold. You will be aware of possible injury prone players or players who are in danger of becoming backups, but it also allows you do implore a risk management strategy. Too many injury prone or risky players can be a death sentence to your team. This will allow you to balance your risky players with ones we deem as safe picks for where you are drafting them.

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Would We Draft You?

The final column is the would I draft you column. There are certain players who under no circumstance would we ever consider drafting. Yes they are in the rankings and yes you can draft them. But we won't be.

When Is It Available?

The Premium Rankings are available NOW! We are still working on it as the offseason progresses, but we are almost done! You will be able to view/download the rankings and join the private chat!

The most important thing to remember is that these rankings, draft sheets, and top 10 lists are dynamic. The copy that you download will not be the same in a week or so (the final edit will likely be done a few days before the season starts). Because of this you should always check to make sure you have the most updated version. You can do this by either downloading directly from or syncing Dropbox to your computer. The Dropbox file is updated in real time as we update the rankings. All members should receive an invite to our Dropbox folder upon signing up. We will be using the email that you give us when signing up so be sure to check that one for the invite.

We will occasionally update the file that members are available to view on our website. However, downloading that doesn't ensure real-time changes. I HIGHLY recommend setting up selective sync from drop box directly to your computer.